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2018 China (Jiaxing) Fastener Industry Expo

Hardware, Tool and Jack Exhibition


China High-End Equipment and

International Machine Tool Exhibition 

Held at the Same Time


China·Zhejiang Jiaxing International Exhibition Center

No.618 the south of Zhonghuan Road, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China



Outside Hallblob.png

Registration Arrange Exhibition Time11.2-3

Preview Time11.4

Exhibition Time11.5-6    8:30--16:30


Inside Hall

Registration Arrange Exhibition Time11.3-4

Exhibition Time11.5-6    8:30--16:30


Dismantling time:2018.11.7   8:00--17:00




China Chamber of Commerce for Machinery and Electronic Products Import and Export

Jiaxing Municipal Government



Jiaxing Municipal Bureau of Commerce

Zhejiang Fastener Industry Association

Jiaxing Fastener Import and Export Enterprises Association


Executive Organizer:

Jiaxing CFN Culture Communication Co., Ltd.



Offline Exhibitors Online Synchronous Exhibition Website:



Official Designated Website:


Organizing committee hotline:

+86 - 573 - 82570102          

Fax+86 - 573 - 82329808




Reasons for Choosing Jiaxing Exhibition


·Because the team is dedicated to the exhibition

·Because the exhibition is one of the top ten brands of exhibition in Zhejiang

·Because the exhibition is hosted in the closely connected city

·Because it's the only popularity rising exhibition


Highlights of 2018 Exhibition

China and Foreign Supply and Demand Docking Meeting

Four supply and demand docking meetings with purchasers from more than 30 countries, meet the export requirements of exhibitors.


Enterprise International Legal Affairs Lectures and Consultation

       International legal affairs lawyer team answer problems for imported and export enterprise encountered in foreign trade and international law explanation.


High-end Fastener Production Technology Specialist Lecture

Invite technical specialist in the industry, explain the production technology and problems of high end products in industry.


Large-scale Dinner 

Create relaxed communication atmosphere for exhibitors and international buyers.



Jiaxing ——prefecture level city in Zhejiang province of China which is located in northeastern part of Zhejiang province, the hinterland of Hangjiahu Plain in Yangtze River Delta, an important city of Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration and Shanghai Metropolitan Area. Jiaxing is located in intersection of rivers, lakes and seas which is the strategic passage of Taihu Lake South Corridor, less than 100 km away from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Ningbo, the traffic hub of Shanghai-Hangzhou and Suzhou-Hangzhou.

From ancient times to the present, Jiaxing is a prosperous and flourishing place which enjoys the reputation of “a land of plenty” and “ home of silk”. Jiaxing is famous historical and cultural city  and excellent tourism city in China which boasts for the China Water Town and beautiful scenery. World famous Jiangnan Water Town——Wuzhen, Xitang, Haining Tide and beautiful Nanbei Lake. Jiaxing Nanhu Lake where the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China came to a successful close which has become the birthplace of Communist Party of China and an important revolutionary monument in modern Chinese history.

As the most important industry in Jiaxing, fastener industry  is not only the most important export industry in Jiaxing , but also the synonym of world fasteners. Therefore, Jiaxing is the only city named as China Fastener Production and Export Base by the country. There are more than 2,000 fastener manufacturers with a certain scale in Jiaxing. The leading enterprise of carbon fastener industry: Gem-Year Industry, leading enterprise of stainless steel fastener industry : Zhejiang Tong Ming Enterprise are located in Jiaxing.

China (Jiaxing) Fastener Industry Expo has been successfully held 7 sessions in Jiaxing, the effect of exhibition is keeping increasing which not only show the view of fastener enterprises , bring actual orders and benefits to exhibitors, but also can see that Jiaxing government attaches much importance to fastener industry and pay attention to fastener expo!

China (Jiaxing) Fastener Industry Expo welcome all industry peers from all over the world to display products and enterprise culture and all the friends at home and abroad to visit, exchange and purchase! 

Exhibition scope:



Bolt, stud, screws, nuts, self tapping screw, wood screw, washers, ring, pin, rivets, assembling and connecting parts, welding stud

Non-standard fasteners

Cold heading non-standard parts, Hot pier and cutting products, screw plug, plugs, thread sheath and repair, innovative fasteners and other inventions fasteners

High-end fasteners

Auto fasteners, aerospace fastener, marine fastener, nuclear power fastener, intelligent fastener


Screw driver, hammer, test pencil, wrench, tape, measuring tool, cutting tool, electric drill, electric hammer, electric screwdriver, shock drill, electric planer, electric chain saw, electric scissors, electric wrench, pneumatic tool, electric fretsaw, chainsaw, combined tool

Hardware parts

Nail, screw, iron wire, lock, hinge, latch, spring, hasp, bracket, carriage, slideway


Oilless bearing, self lubricating bearing, solid inlaying bearing, composite bearing


Rack jack, screw (mechanical) jack, hydraulic jack, inflatable jack

Accessory  equipments

Multi-station high-speed cold heading machine, heading machine, thread rolling machine, gear tooth rolling machine, forming machine, model combining machine, lathe and cutting equipment, numerical control lathe, press machine and hot stamping machine, wire drawing equipment, heat treatment equipment

Accessory products

Wire, steel, mould, consumable goods, dental plate, stamping rod, center, grinder, vibration plate, milling machine, labeling machine, printing machine, polishing machine, sand blasting machine, transmission device, storage system, air purification device, weighing/count/packaging machine, optical screening machine, tensile testing machine, hardness tester, spectrometer, mirror projector and maintenance

Machine tool

Punch, milling machine, lathe, sawing machine, boring machine, CNC machine, metal cutting machine tool, modular machine tool

Technology and service

Fastener design, simulation process control, fastener testing mechanism, fastener industry ERP software, information system, fastener manufacturing and service certification mechanism, fastener development mechanism, fastener association and industry association, fastener media

Other products

Lubricating oil, rust remover, electrical materials, fire equipment, safety protection, labor protection articles, hardware or fasteners network platform


Booth type charge standards:

Booth type

Standard booths

Corner booths

Open space

7900 / 9+100 for online exhibition

¥9000 / 9㎡+¥100 for online exhibition

850 / 





Configuration standards

    Panels,one desk,two chairs,two lamps,lintel in Chinese and English,220V electric outlet.

Rent at least 18 ㎡,

construction fee,management fee,cleaning fee,electric fee will be covered by our side and no booth allocation.

Annual cost of online exhibition is included in the price.

Onsite Promotion Charge Item:

Dinner title sponsorship, co- host, sponsor (the number of people of dinner is 800)


Sponsorship fee


Title sponsorship


only one enterprise 



only three enterprises




please refer to attachment for enjoyed rights and returns

Exhibition Journal Advertisement Charge Standards




Back cover advertisement


only one enterprise

Inside front cover

inside back cover


only two enterprises

Inside full page



Other Onsite Charge Standards

Advertising Position



Advertising Position



Archway ads in the front gate



per each

Hand-held bag



per thousand

Archway ads at both sides of the exhibition hall



per each

Visit certificate



per thousand

Air archway



per each

Exhibition hall poster



per each

Online Exhibition Charge Standards ( URL: www.jgjzh.com)

China International Fastener Industry Expo | Online Exhibition




Homepage rolling ads

757 x 340

8000 per year

Homepage banner ads

320 x 120

4000 per year

banner ads

393 x 95

1500 per year


Review of the exhibition



2017 Partial Exhibitors


Benefits brought by the exhibition 

1、Looking for new cooperation partners and customers   

2Maintain and consolidate existing customers  

3Promote enterprise brand and product popularity  

4Display corporate culture, improve enterprise image

5Expand sales channels, collect market information  

6Release new products, increase products value

7Convenient connection with related department and other benefits. 


Travel choice:


Get off at Jiaxing station, you can choose taxi(9.6 km)or choose bus. Bus no.38 can directly arrive at the west side of exhibition center.


High-speed rail


It takes about 25 minutes from Shanghai Hongqiao railway to Jiaxing South Railway Station. Take a taxi to exhibition center about 9.6 km (tell driver the address: Jiaxing International Conference and Exhibition Center) or take No.93 bus (include night shift bus), get off at the exhibition road station.

2Hangzhou←→ Jiaxing

It takes about 30 minutes from Hangzhou East High-speed railway to Jiaxing South Railway Station. Take a taxi to exhibition center about 9.6 km (tell driver the address: Jiaxing International Conference and Exhibition Center) or take No.93 bus (include night shift bus), get off at the exhibition road station.



1Arrive at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport then transfer high-speed rail to Jiaxing South Railway Station(About 35 minutes).Take a taxi to Jiaxing International Conference and Exhibition Center, about 9.6km,takes 20 minuts, or take No.93 bus (include night shift bus), get off at the exhibition road station(arrive at the south of Jiaxing International Conference and Exhibition Center)


2Arrive at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport then transfer high-speed rail to Jiaxing South Railway Station (About 40 minutes),then the route is as same as above. Or you can take direct bus from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport to Jiaxing passenger transport center (About 1 hour).It takes about 18 minutes taking a taxi from Jiaxing passenger transport center to Jiaxing International Conference and Exhibition Center, or take No.K153 bus ,get off at the City Project Construction Committee station(the east of Jiaxing International Conference and Exhibition Center).



1If you come from the expressway of Hangzhou or Ningbo direction, drive away from the expressway of “Nanhu” entrance. About 0.8 km to the exhibition center ( the road is clear in the urban district)


2If you come from the expressway of Shanghai direction, drive away from the expressway of “Xinfeng” entrance. About 12.4 km to the exhibition center, or transfer to Zhajiasu expressway, rive away from the expressway of “Nanhu” entrance. About 0.8 km to the exhibition center ( the road is clear in the urban district)


Bus line

North International Conference and Exhibition Center: No.1, No.30, No.88, No.99 (circle), No.163, No.172, No.176, No.153

City Project Construction Committee (East Exhibition Center Garden Road): No.27, No.287, No.203

Dahua City Garden (South Exhibition Center Exhibition Road): No.27, No.57(night shift bus)

West International Conference and Exhibition Center (Xinqixiang Road): No.36, No.80, No.85, No.93, No.88, No.93(night shift bus) and many other buses can come to the exhibition center.